As you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, we would like to know how you are feeling. Please check the answer that comes closest to how you have felt  IN  THE  PAST  7  DAYS, not just how you feel today.

Here is an example, already completed.
I have felt happy:
[___] Yes, all the time
[_x_] Yes, most of the time     This would mean: “I have felt happy most of the time” during the past week.
[___] No, not very often          Please complete the other questions in the same way.
[___] No, not at all

In the past 7 days:

(1) Source: Cox, J.L., Holden, J.M., and Sagovsky, R. 1987. Detection of postnatal depression: Development of the 10-item Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. British Journal of Psychiatry 150:782-786 .
(2) Source: K. L. Wisner, B. L. Parry, C. M. Piontek, Postpartum Depression N Engl J Med vol. 347, No 3, July 18, 2002, 194-199

Users may reproduce the scale without further permission providing they respect copyright by quoting the names of the authors, the title and the source of the paper in all reproduced copies.