The process of selecting a therapist can add stress to the issue you are seeking help for. You want someone knowledgeable, someone you feel comfortable with, someone you can trust, and most of all, someone who will take the time to really listen to you and understand what you are experiencing. I've been a mental health professional for over 25 years working in settings including community mental health, private practice, and in military hospitals and clinics for the past 13 years.

Main areas of specialization includes sleep-related issues such as Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Military/Veteran's Issues, ADD/ADHD, Adjustment Disorder, Aging, Anger Management, Career Counseling, Communication Issues, Grief, Panic Disorders, Coping Skills, Smoking Cessation and changes for healthy lifestyles.

My life experience has been quite diverse to say the least, and that has provided the insight needed to understand the challenges that daily life can present to us, and how to be empowered to overcome these challenges. I follow a "Person-Centered" approach to therapy. Let's work together to put you on a new path to a more fulfilled life.

I provide behavioral health services virtually to the residents of Hawaii, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Florida. Whether you have mental health issues, need help with making life transitions, or simply want to engage in self-exploration, I can help.

I have a particular interest in working with military active duty service members, retirees, veterans, and their dependants.

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